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Friday, 20 June 2014


I miss written letters
I miss postcards
I miss the excitement over that white, crumpled envelop with stamps.

But this is how things develop; technology is changing our way to communicate, talking is easy and cheap with Whatsapp, saying “happy birthday” via Facebook takes only 30 seconds and you do not have to bother to remember your friend’s birthday as FB will tell you that.

Although owning 2 laptops and two smartphones, I still love handwriting.

In fact, I have an agenda where I wrote all my appointments and notes. I have a little notebook where I scribble my thoughts, my dreams and my ideas.  I write love notes to husband very frequently.
And from time to time I draw and paint. I cannot imagine my life with no pens and colours.

A friend who live in France had a baby boy recently and I’ve sent her a little present and a written a letter. Yes, an hand written letter.
When she received it, she call me back saying that despite the beautiful present, she appreciated more (and found a bit weird as well), my handletter!

Funny enough. These new techologies are still new. I mean, it’s not that we stop write like 100 years ago!  And it is difficult for me to have a world with not the combination of both the 'old and new' way of communication.

For sure you’ll always find the latest piece of technology in my house but you’ll also find notebooks, pens, colours, papers. It is something I still love doing so much.

What do you think about handwritten messages, letters and postcards?
Do you miss it?


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  1. I love letters, but more getting them than writting them, lol
    Hello, dear friend