Chicken with artichokes - my way

Friday, 5 March 2010

After a day at work, an hour at the gym and the trip to/from work I am so tired that my dinners are always quick, but nice indeed.
Yesterday I bought some artichokes, which I cooked with chicken.

Here is the recipe (for 2):
3 artichokes
3 chicken breasts
1 bottle of wine (1 glass for the recipe, the rest to drink over dinner)
Ginger root cut into small slices
Cornflour oil


Remove the external leaves from the artichokes, cut one/third of its top, cut the stalk, leaving it just 5-6 cm of it.
Wash it carefully and cut it into thin slices.


Pour 3 spoonfuls of cornflour oil into a wok, add the artichokes and cook while tender. You may have to add some water to prevent them burning : )
Put the lid on and keep the fire underneath bright.

Cut the chicken breasts into slices and toss them into the flour.

chicken breasts

Add the chicken into the wok and gently whisk them. Add a glass of wine, salt, ginger (but you can use any season or spice you’d like) and cook for 5 minutes.

If you make this recipe for lunch, you can boil some Venere's rice (black rice) as a side dish.

And here it is! Tasteful, light, low calories and quick to made, even with all those chopping!

Ops…..I forgot to take the picture of the cocked dish!
But I was starving and I needed to prevent HIM to stuff himself with cheese while waiting for the dinner to be ready! Eheehheeheheh!

Try this recipe and let me know

p.s. the pig chopping board was made in fir wood by my dad