White is the perfect colour for the weekend!

Monday, 29 March 2010

A month ago we spent the weekend in the fantastic town of Leukerbad, Switzerland.

Outdoor thermal pool


The food was amazing with great potato and meat dishes. Bread and sweets were to die for.
The only thing we missed was the champagne breakfast in the pool as you have to book it weeks in advance!

I guess you are now thinking if I'd sky....ehm, no, I did not...
We both do not like skiing. I like ice-skating but most of all, walking, playing with snowballs, taking pictures and enjoy the amazing place I was surrounded by.

It felt so refreshing and inspiring!
Plus, thermal water was such a bless for my skin that was smooth and soft, with a healthier look.
I felt incredibly relaxed and re-charged.

Did you ever tried the thermal bath?


  1. I love hot tubbing when there is snow out. It feels SO GOOD!!!


  2. it must have been such a great experience!
    and the view is spectacular!!


  3. It just seems so strange to me that you just go to Switzerland for the weekend...it would take me a weekend to get there :0)

  4. Your trip looks so wonderful! My husband travels to Switzerland for work. I need to go next time. I have never been. It is beautiful!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments about my living room. We had a designer help us and it got to expensive. So, now I am doing it by myself. I love having all the blogs to help me out. So nice to meet you from far away!


  5. jamilyn, if you come to Swiss let me know and we will meet!