News: one good, one bad

Friday, 30 July 2010

The meeting went all fine and people were happy about my work in organising it.
The dinner on the island amazing.

Guess my surprise when I entered my room asn discovered I was staying on the Presidential Suite!
On 2 floors, with carpets, 3 balconies overlooking the garden, the pool and the lake. 2 tv flat screens, sofas, a biiiig bathroom with many beauty prod and the Jacuzzi!

What a treat! Believe me, I felt like a diva!!!

Unfortunately, on Friday late afternoon, I have been told from the travel agency that the hotel screw up the bookings and there were no rooms available for us....
You won't imagine my anger, just 1 day for departure and in August, when all the country shut down and everywhere is packed....

So, I may going to annoy you with a few more posts before we find somewhere else to go... damn it!


  1. wait y does the country shut down? i don't know the culture - SO interested!!!!

  2. Eheheh, tipical at this time of the year, the travel agency are alaway busy anyway it is nice by the to admit that have done a mistake...

  3. That is unfortunate that you are having trouble, but the pictures from above are beautiful!! I hope everything works out for you!