Giselle for Cavalli

Friday, 10 September 2010

Did I tell that I had an interview at Roberto Cavalli?

Three years ago.

I was greated by this fab guy (not gay) that said: 'I am sorry, all the meeting rooms are taken, do you mind if we go to the showroom?'

I was going to faint....

The showroom was packed with clothes and models, buyers and sales people.
It was difficult for me to focus on the interview.

How did it end? The guy was very impressed by my CV but he had an issue with my age (looking for a yourger person).

Anyway, at least I had an amazing experience.

Oh, and I did not tell you that I got an interview at D&G as well? I'll keep the (funny) story for another post.


  1. giselle bündchen!<3

  2. Amazing! But looking for a younger persons?!? Pffff... :(