Curves are back!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Check the latest issue of V-magazine

this bodysuit from Dsquared is so cool!

What do you think about curves?

Post your comment, I want to hear from you...


  1. such a refreshing spread!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  2. i love the curves, and i'm actually very jealous. my sister's a lot curvier than i am and i've always wanted my body to be more like hers.
    thanks soooo much for stopping by my blog! i really liked your tip. it's not crazy at all- it's genius!

  3. @ AudreyAllure: thank you!!

    @ Alexi: a friend of mine bought a suitcase which weighted only 2 kg and it is very strong and survived many trips. I will ask her and let you know. It's perfect to stuff suitcase even more! ; ))

  4. I too love this spread but I do wish that the mags wouldn't go to extremes. Perhaps there is a happy medium somewhere too. Its not just the fashion world but television and film as well. Regardless we all need to learn to be comfortable on our own skin.

  5. @K: you are totally right but I guess we have to start from somewhere! you know what, I received many comments from male friends that absolutely ADORED these pictures, none of them complein about the extra weight.....
    don't you think they also looks pretty happy and healthy?

  6. Could you believe it Olivia today "Sunday Times" had a very similar article. The Times is only 2 weeks behind with the article... "old news for me" eheheh.