In which side of the bridge?

Saturday, 23 January 2010

As a student, I was working at this Virgin Megastore Internet café and once I got caught from these deep blue eyes and the goose feathers flying all over the place from his winter jacket!

He would pop from time to time and I would force my colleagues to let me do his bill in order to chat him up!

And then, we became friends for life!

A great traveller, a public relation expert, a kind, loving, intriguing man, but most of all, an exceptional photographer.

My friend Marcello Capotosti was born in Argentina from Italian's parents and he spent part of his life in the US and in the UK.

Could you think of a broader background of cultures?

His works have a common feel of beauty and passion for light, they are pure emotions. This is why he has commissions from Governments, councils, universities, film productions, travel magazines and even weddings.

You may be lucky to spot his blue eyes around the world, as he is flying across the two emisphere, working on the two sides of the 'bridge' (as he said), the South America and Europe.

I am posting a small selection of the pictures I like the most.

Marcello Capotosti - Travel
Marcello Capotosti - Party
Marcello Capotosti - Travel

Marcello Capotosti - Movie Still
Marcello Capotosti - Commission
Marcello Capotosti - Wedding

Don't you think they are amazing? Let me know your feedbacks!

Marcello Capotosti - Invitation to Exhibition


  1. Hey Olivia you need to pubblish my pics this will show the real tallent.....;-))))

  2. Hi samanthadv, I'd love to see your works, wy don't you send me some of them?

  3. Ehi! these pcitures are just fabulous!!!!
    This photographer is really great!

    ; )


  4. All these pics are so nice ! BTW r u from oxford ?

  5. @ elodie: no, I am not from Oxford but I lived there for three years (and LOVE it!). Do you know it?