Knit and Pastels

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Back in UK, with inches of snow and very low temperatures, I need to keep myself warm but I still need to be glamorous.
So I spotted these fabulous knits in a Oasis store (a brand I adore!).

But I can't wait for Spring! Pastels are going to be hot and I am looking forward to to shop for lots of accessories.
Actually, I wear brigth accessories all the time, even in the winter season as I am not a black color fan (please dot fall off the seat!)
Yes, it’s true, I rather weather blue or brown, even a dark shade of brown but black makes me feel miserable.

Colors just bring fun, happiness and joy to my life.

Check these outfits from Dorothy Perkins now. Aren’t those jade bags amazing?

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  1. That grey bag is quite nice, tough.

    ehi! I like your blog, is it new? I think I am going to come back to read you.