It’s never too late

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I was reading this post in Garance Doré blog and realise that Victoria Beckham made a good job at the NY fashion week hosting a spectacular (intimate) fashion show.
Ok, I am trying to be fashionable myself and always up-dated with the latest trends, but honestly I have miss that.
I did not know she was designing an entire collections of dresses! I know about denim jeans, but dresses? And sunglasses?

So I’ve search for her website and found and incredible collections of dresses!

I am amazed by this white one as this is something I would wear on my wedding (yes, I recently got engaged). I am not keen on all frou-frou and I would love something simple and stylish.

What are do you think about her clothing line?


  1. Hi Ylenia, congrats on the engagement! Thank you for your comment, it's good to know people actually read what I write on my blog!

    How amazing is Victoria Beckham's collection? and I never though I would say that!


  2. LOVE it! - just insaly out of my price range - but i LOVE the simplicity of it!!!!

  3. Congratulations honey that is awesome!!!

  4. OMG I'm in love with these dresses ! They are so simple and so beautiful at the same time !!