Let the sunshine...shine in!

Thursday 14 July 2011

my lovely blogger friend from Sunnytoast wrote me something that is becoming my motto:

"put sunshine in everything you do"

Do you have a positive attitude towards life?

Do you think being positive helps?

la mia cara amica blogger di Sunnytoast in un’email mi ha scritto una cosa che é diventata il mio motto:

“aggiungi un raggio di sole in tutte le cose che fai”

Siete persone positive?

Essere positive aiuta nella vita?

Where: Sestri Levante, Liguria (Italy)
Wore: (old) Dress by OVS


  1. Ha ragione la tua amica!
    Io ho una mamma super positiva, e credo di essere come lei!

  2. SOOOO pretty where ur at!!!!! - i always stay in the positive - if u have a choice why chose negative? and we ALL have our choices to make!

  3. love that phrase!!!!
    keep it up,sweetie!
    (been buried in accounting stuff today...gonna try to write you tomorrow)

  4. cerco di essere sempre super positiva!!

    Check out my new outfit post!
    Dress up for armageddon

  5. Love that phrase.
    Nice pictures.
    Positive attitude, it's very important.

  6. being positive definitely helps. your mood is better and also the mood of the ppl around you. and I believe that with positive attitude, you also live longer.


  7. Hi there! Can I just say, you are too sweet! Thank you for your comment on my blog and for following me! I'm definitely following you as well :) I use the Nikon D3100 (18-55) lens. I just got it this year and it's the best investment for my blog that I've made! Thanks again and looking forward to your future posts!


  8. I know my words are not enough to say thank you but it's my pleasure to have a new friend...you make my day and sorry for the late comment...been busy (I'll post wre I ben) heheh

    Life is good!

  9. What a great motto to live by! I really think being positive makes a difference! Great post! Kiah